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Takamatsu City , Kagawa
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The Art of Masons in Aji-cho in Mure    

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Aji-cho in Mure, Takamatsu City, is located to the east of Yashima. This town produces a hard and finely-textured granite known as "Aji-ishi" that is one of the representative high-quality stone materials of Japan. In this film, the unique beauty of Aji-ishi, the custom and the art of the masons who bring out the beauty from the stone, as well as the history of the use of stone materials from the early modern period, which is said to have begun with the building of Takamatsu Castle, are introduced. The section entitled "the art of masons," in particular, enjoyed the cooperation of present-day masons in reproducing the techniques of the time before machinery was introduced for quarrying and processing, that is "the time of manual quarrying and manual processing from the early Meiji period (1868-1912) to the early Showa period (1926-1989)." The equipment used is also from the period, having been kept at the Museum of History and Folklore for the Local Stone Industry. We hope viewers can gain a glimpse of the superior arts of masons in quarrying and processing granite and their equipment before the time of powered machines.

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