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Ayagawa-cho , Kagawa
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A Good Rice Producing Area, Ayakami-cho - Traditional Culture Preserved together with Rice Production    

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Ayakami-cho, located in the middle to southern part of Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku, is an area where various local forms of culture have developed together with rice planting, as mentioned in the song: "The good rice producing area along the River Aya / Where a clean stream from Mr. Ryuo runs through / Osada, Osada, on the banks of the River Aya / There is a village called Yamada where sheaves of rice grow / Its been known for 1000 years / People are in harmony and diligently working." Especially each seasons agricultural operations and festivals have a close relationship and there are many festivals held all through the year, including the spring festival of Fukunomiya Shrine, the Otaue Festival, the Nenbutsu odori dance, and the autumn festival of Matsukuma Shrine. This video depicts people in this area growing rice and cherishing and preserving various festivals related to rice growing.

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