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A Festival of Tosa - The Hyakumanben of Minamigawa in Tosa-cho    

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The Hyakumanben is a festival which has been passed down in Otani Temple in Minamigawa, Tosa-cho, Tosa County, Kochi Prefecture. The festival is performed every year on the first Sunday of Doyo (the midsummer day of the ox) from midnight till sunrise, and again from one oclock till around four oclock in the afternoon. It is a festival praying for the areas good harvest and the welfare of the families and has a unique ritual called juzukuri. This is a very rare ritual and is not found easily in Kochi or in other areas. Among those found, Hyakumanbens juzukuri is known as the biggest. However, as the participants in the juzukuri are limited only to the male residents of Minamigawa area and the ones who grew up in the area, it is becoming more and more difficult to perform Hyakumanben only with the residents of the area in this age of advanced depopulation, falling birth rate, and aging in rural areas.

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