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The Hikiyama Gyoji of Tsuchizaki Sinmeisha Festival    

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The Hikiyama Gyoji of Tsuchizaki Shinmeisha Festival is an event that has been handed down from ancient times as an annual festival at the Tsuchizaki Shinmeisha, the tutelary shrine for Minatotsuchizaki. It is a summer festival where traditional solemn shrine rituals are followed by a heroic Hikiyama (float) parade along the streets. Every July 20 and 21, it enlivens the hot summer in Akita. Not only the two day-long festival itself, but also everything related to the festival, including various shrine rituals and the preparation in the local community for the dedication of the Hikiyama to the shrine, have been designated a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. The festival, which has been handed down and performed solemnly, bravely and spectacularly over the years, is a witness to the local history of the people here, who have felt grateful to the god for the gift of nature and for their untroubled daily lives, and have striven for the development of the area, overcoming numerous difficulties through their solidarity with one another.

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