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The Furyu of Yametsuhime Shrine    

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[Legend of Yametsuhime] The name "Yame" derives from a passage in the Nihon Shoki: "There is a goddess in this area. Her name is Yametsuhime and she perpetually stays in the mountain." The legend has it that when Emperor Keiko visited the Yame area in the middle of the 4th century, the then head of Mizunuma called Saru no Omi dedicated the dance.[Furyu of Yametsuhime Shrine] There is a shrine dedicated to Yametsuhime in Aza Kamino Iwaya, Oaza Kitayabe, Yabe-mura in Yame County of Fukuoka Prefecture. The dance, called the Furyu of Yametsuhime Shrine, has been cherished and passed on by villagers since the medieval period, the time when the dance is said to have been created. It was designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Property by Fukuoka Prefecture.

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