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A Hometown Festival - The Araodori of Koze    

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The Araodori is a folkloric performing art that has been passed down in the former Takeo Territory. Although there are different stories about the origin of this dance, it is thought that it is derived from the following historical incident: In 1530, when the Arima clan of Shimabara invaded Takeo and was about to attack Sumiyoshi Castle (in Yamauchi-cho, Takeo City), the feudal lord of Takeo, Goto Sumiakira, made a night assault and defeated them. During the victory celebrations, the common foot soldiers gave an impromptu dance performance, and this developed into the Araodori. Takaos Araodori has been carried out by three organizations, namely Nakano, Koze and Utode, and they have been designated National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties for the Araodori of Takao in 1977. The Araodori of Koze is dedicated to Matsuo Shrine on September 23 every year. This film recorded the scenes of practice and the day of the performance. The characteristics of the Araodori of Koze area are its rusticity and its dynamism.

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