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A Dance to Pierce the Sky - the Meta Furyu of Kamimine-cho, Saga Prefecture    

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A folkloric performing art called furyu is widely found in various parts of Saga. Furyu is a traditional dance, an expression of the peasants rustic desires and gratitude. The Meta Furyu passed down in the Maemuta (Meta) area of Kamimine-cho is called Tentsuku Mai Furyu and is unique for the performance where three men clad in black costumes wear huge tentuku head gear and dance. Records state that the dance had been already performed in the area by the middle of the Edo period (1603-1867). Although it was discontinued during the Pacific War, it was revived after the war and a preservation association formed in 1971 has been carrying out the performance till the present. It is now performed once every two years on the last weekend of October as the areas autumn festival at Oimatsu Shrine and Wakamiya Shrine.

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