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Nankan-machi , Kumamoto Related category:
Preserving a Great Inheritance    

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This film has been created with the aim of recording and preserving the areas traditional arts (festivals, legends, myths, folk tales, and traditional performing arts) as well as hosting an event that provides a chance for performers of these arts to give presentations to encourage the local peoples effort to revitalize their home towns. All the kagura (Shinto dances), kodaigaku (ancient dances accompanied by music), and ningyo shibai (puppet theater) recorded in the film are traditional performing arts which have been passed down by people in the area. We hope to raise the spirits and enthusiasm of the people concerned and other people in the town by means of this occasion to show their efforts to preserve these traditional arts in spite of the difficulty that today fewer and fewer successors are appearing. Especially, we would like viewers to note the events held in Nankan-machi and the efforts of the children as they practice.

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