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Hikawa-cho , Kumamoto
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The Sukkyon Gyoji of Hayao    

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This is a quaint custom observed for the seijinshiki (Coming-of-Age celebration) passed down in the Hayao area in Hikawa-machi, where a large model of male genitals is used. The name, Sukkyon, is originally derived from the calls used in the ritual, but came to mean the seijinshiki itself as well as the model of the male genitals. It is performed on the day of hatsugomori for the year (January 11). Presently the participants in this ritual are the young men who belong to the local fire brigade. It has been said, however, that the ritual was performed for those who were going to join the adult company of the village in the olden days. This ritual is performed by a Shinto priest who is selected out of the village elders and is witnessed by the village authorities.

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