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Bungo-Ono City , Oita
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The Gosengoku Festival of Ogata-machi    

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The Otaga Gosengoku Festival originally referred to an autumn festival held at each shrine for the celebration of the harvest. Presently, however, it is held as a united festival for 15 shrines in the Ogata area who celebrate it together with enthusiasm. On September 23 every year, in the schoolyard of Ogata Elementary School, various festival activities unfold, from the mikoshi (miniature shrine) parade in the early morning till the returning ritual of the mikoshi to the shrine. The sight where 15 mikoshi are laid out in a row is gorgeous and stately. In the mikoshi parade, each parishs shishitaiko, shishimai, and hagumaneri are gaily performed. Also various valuable cultural properties, including the Ondake-style Ogata Kagura, which has been designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Property, and the Senbonzuki, which has been designated an Intangible Cultural Property Requiring Documentation are dedicated. Thus, this is a day that one can fully enjoy the various folkloric performing arts passed down in the Ogata area all in one go.

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