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The Shiroyama Kagura Matsuri Festival    

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This film records the 8th Shiroyama Kagura Matsuri Festival held on the remains of Nobeoka Castle on November 7, 2004. The festival was started in 1997 by a coalition of preservation associations in various areas in order to promote exchange among local communities, the nurturing of the sound development of youth, and the revitalization of local areas by focusing on kagura (Shinto dance). The areas that participating associations belong to in Nobeoka City are: Igata, Okai, Ozaki, and Kagase; Kawazaka in Kitagawa-Cho; Utaito in Kitaura-mach; Shiibata and Mimichi in Kitakata-machi; and Kamae. An association from Kamae, Saiki City in Oita Prefecture joined after the 2nd festival in Takenoura. The festival yearly invites associations not only from Miyazaki Prefecture but also from other areas. Therefore it has become an extensive cultural activity going beyond the jurisdiction of prefectures. The festival is performed against the backdrop of the biggest stone wall in the South Kyushu Area, called sennin-goroshi, and one can see various and diverse kagura, including kagura from mountainous areas and seaside areas, in a solemn atmosphere. This festival has settled down as a pleasurable autumn event because, along with the kagura performances, a fair of specifically local produce is held and traditional foods, including mochi-maki and zenzai, are given away to entertain the spectators.

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